Girls Inc. Memphis, Tennessee


  Come pick flowers with us!   

 Beginning  ​​June 12, 2017.  
 Our "You Pick" flower field open by appointment only. ​  Appointments can be scheduled 
​Monday - Saturday: 8am - 4pm
​Mandatory 2 bucket minimum purchase 
              Bucket sizes 3 gallon and 5 gallon     ​
3 gallon bucket = $50.00   5 gallon bucket = $75.00
We offer clean, empty buckets ready for 
purchase at the farm for $2 ( 3 gallon ) and $4 ( 5 gallon ) 
​   Here's what  you're responsible for bringing:
Hand-held pruners, clippers, or scissors  |
 ​Sun protection (sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses)   
​Thermos of water - no alcoholic beverages allowed 
 ​​Closed toed shoes, lightweight pants, and long-sleeved shirt.
Picking locally grown flowers for that special event coming up could be a beautiful memory had by all in your party to enjoy!  
No pets please.  ​

Jonesboro High School

Tour Whitton Farms Today!
We welcome visitors to the farm by appointment.  
If you  wish to book a tour, we charge $5.00  per person with a minimum of 10 guests.  
Tours typically last one hour, and are guided by Keith or Jill Forrester.
​  Our tour consists of a brief history of our farm, a walk through our vegetable gardens, flower fields, high tunnels, 
 production zone, and question and answer session.  Guests are welcome to picnic in our pecan grove.  
  Perfect for school groups!  All ages welcome! 
   University students, philanthropic organizations, garden clubs, and church groups. 

Ample parking available.  For more information email Jill at

            Tyronza Elementary School 

"You Pick" Flower Field

​​Because farming is our passion, it often does not feel like "work".   This is our chosen path, and our little plot of land is adored, and considered a beloved family member.  We thrive in the sun, relish the rain, and know we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Through the cultivation of our food, herbs, and flowers, we are sharing our love of the land with you.