Guest speaking engagements are $100.00 per hour with travel expenses covered by client. 
Rate subject to change based on outline of program. 

 Cut Flower Cultivation    *    Farm Fresh Floral Design

 Our Farm Story    *    How to Promote Your Farm    *    Basic Back Yard Garden

We LOVE to share our farming experiences! Book us for your next gathering!

Foundation / Business Rate - $125.00 an hour
At Whitton Farms, we are fully committed to furthering the local food movement in the Mid-South.  We are certain locally grown food can be mainstreamed, if the proper plan is developed and implemented.  We are confident the Mid-South can be a nationwide leader in local food production and consumption. We have the farmers, the land, and natural resources to bring this idea to fruition.   If your foundation or business aligns with our mission to further the local food movement, contact us at to schedule a consultation.  We would love to assist you. 

Keith and Jill Forrester have been farming produce, herbs, and cut flowers in the Arkansas Delta for the past 15 years.  If you're a beginning specialty crop farmer, or have a few years in, but are looking to expand your operation, email the Forresters at to schedule a consultation. 



* Specialty crop farming 15 years – Certified Naturally Grown (3 yrs)
* Small Business Start-Up (Agricultural and Restaurant) Whitton Farms (15 yrs) Trolley Stop Market (8yrs) 
* Greenhouse Management and Crop Selection expertise in Mid-South climate  
* 15 years experience with direct market sales 
* Wholesale Market Sales – Whole Foods, Market, Miss Cordelia's, New South Co-op, Bring It Food Hub 
* Commercial Kitchen Start–Up (est. Whitton Farms Cannery, Memphis TN  (3yrs) – turned over to Bring It Food Hub) 
* Farm to Table Restaurant Management – Trolley Stop Market Owner/ Operator 8 years 
* Vertical Integration of Agri-business  (Whitton Farm & Trolley Stop Market)
* Social Media /Website Development – Identifying target audience. Content creation, photography, layout, editing, and launch 
* Well connected with farmers in the Mid-South 
* Team Building and Staff Development  
* Food Hub Development – Co-founded Bring It Food Hub, Memphis, TN 
* Farmers Market Development – ASU Regional Farmers Market, Jonesboro, Arkansas – Board of Directors,  
* Memphis Farmers Market Vendor Committee 6 years 
* New South Produce Cooperative Board Member - Jill Forrester / Treasurer

* Strong Communication and Public Speaking Skills: Speaker at SSAWG, Arkansas  Garden & Flower Show, Arkansas Farmers Market Conference, Farm to Table Conference, ASU Plant Society, Arkansas Master Gardeners 
* Farm Events Developed and Hosted at Whitton Farms: Feastival (fundraiser for Memphis Farmers Market, Endless Feast Dinner –nationally televised show, A Fine Country Dinne- fundraiser for The Johnny Cash Boyhood Home Project in Dyess, Arkansas, Whitton Farms Fall Festival, Celebration of Flowers, yearly farm tours with schools, philanthropic organizations, social clubs.

Are you searching for proven techniques to help your farm succeed year after year?  We can help you!

We offer consulting in the following areas: ​ 

Developing a business plan | Website construction |  Viable social media presence |  Crop planning | Sustainable farming practices 
Weed and pest management | High tunnel construction | Good accounting practices | Grant opportunities

Farmer Rate  - $100.00 per hour
Farmers, $100.00 an hour may seem steep, but significant information can be exchanged in one hour that could take your farming operation to the next  level.  Our fundamental goal is for you to adapt to advice given, and the result be greater financial stability for your farming operation.